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Watched Justin Lin's and Simon Pegg's 2Trek2Furious this morning. Beyond isn't a great movie, and there are missed opportunities on just about every front. I'm mildly grateful that the action sequences are coherent, though they also suffer from an impracticality level that is difficult to discuss in a movie which features casual teleportation devices and humanoid aliens who either speak English natively, through a translator, or have mysteriously learned it from ships' logs. The new aliens have vaginas for ears, which is in line with Klingons having clitoral foreheads, through one of them has a facehugger on the back of her head.
I am still not tired of watching Quinto-as-Spock (he nails it), Urban-as-Bones, or even Chris Pine playing the Kelvin Timeline's Kirk who is ALWAYS GETTING HIS ASS KICKED.
The final battle was oddly, unnecessarily wrongly long.
Really, Kirk? You've got the villain dead-to-rights, phaser trained on him, and you want to ask him why he did it? You want to give the villain a chance to monolog? Why not stun him and ask him later?
Happy I saw it. It's muuuuuuch better than Into Darkness, but still problematic from a fan perspective.
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