Jun. 6th, 2017 07:35 am
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Re-playing STILL more GTA5 singleplayer on PS4. I've realized that many of the things I didn't see in my 360 playthrough were probably broken at game launch. Franklin's cab company purchase and its associated "special fare" mission were broken, that's well documented. Calls to Trevor from Martin's elderly wife didn't happen, but her emails arrived, I think. There are lots of small notes that add to the overall story experience.

It's also gorgeous. As much as I raved about Watchdogs 2, GTA5 does a better job of representing the southern california environment than WD2 does of San Francisco. Something about the sky, the air quality and the depth of visibility, how colors and saturation shift in the distance, and the depiction of mountains, hills, rocks… well, Rockstar nails it perfectly. No knock on the WD2 effort, which probably didn't cost $200M to develop.

HOWEVER, jesus, speaking of Ubisofting, Trevor's submarine mission to get all the toxic waste, and AGAIN with Michael and a dinghy to search for sunken submarine pieces, this is just a tremendous amount of time-wasting, un-fun, exasperating tedium. I remember thinking "NEVER AGAIN" when I did the 360 version, and I should have kept to that; instead, I'm kinda looking at that Platinum Trophy and thinking, I like this game well enough that I want a full-completion, and that little OCD demon is sitting on my shoulder, nodding.


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