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The Girl with All the Gifts — This film had me enrapt from start to finish. This is a sterling, fresh and fascinating take on the zombie genre. If anything, this is an altered perspective on the statement made in the novelette, I Am Legend. I was never sure which way the story would go, and in the end I was fascinated with the varied and complex emotions it instilled in me. There are a couple of odd continuity problems in the story, but nothing ruinous. The girl who played the lead is going to be huge.

Swiss Army Man — The Daniels, as they credit their shared writers/directors effort, do a passable Michel Gondry imitation, including sweded films, makeshift scenery, and the volume of fully three films' worth of twee intimacy. Along the way they leap gleefully past every limitation of good taste to indulge in fart, shit, vomit, and boner jokes, as Hank (living but emotionally dead) and Manny (dead but emotionally alive) collaborate to rescue each other from their predicament, finding the meaning of love or at least true compassion along the way. It's never clear if we're actually dealing with a man who was stranded on a deserted island, or if it's simply a figurative one. The ending is fantastic, but does nothing to clarify the so-called reality of the film's preceding scenes. 


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