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Hi! If you add me as a Friend here, please drop a note in any entry to let me know. I don't look at Manage Friends often, so if you add me I might not notice for months unless you pipe up!

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a softer world, alan moore, alternate history, art, bastard pop, blade runner, bootlegs, brom, burnination, cartoons, charlie stross, cibo matto, coffee, comic books, comics, computer graphics, computers, copyleft, copyright, creative commons, cyberpunk, danger army, deadwood, delerium, depeche mode, double fine, drawing, eating, eating international culture, explodo, fetish fashion, fiction, fight club, firefly, freedom of speech, game design, gamecube, games, gaming, gantz, geekdancing, giant robots, giger, girls, girls in glasses, google, goth girls, grammar, grand theft auto, grant morrison, gta, handbrake, iain banks, iain m. banks, improper dancing, international understanding, invisibles, ipod, jack o'connell, japan, japanese, jean-pierre jeunet, kate bush, kyoto, language, lydia's always right, macintosh, macs, manga, martial arts, mash-ups, mashups, merchant princes, miniatures, miyazaki, movies, mozilla, mozilla firefox, mozilla thunderbird, mr. robot, national culture, neil gaiman, nerdcore, nightmare before christmas, o.c.d., oingo boingo, os x, osaka, osx, painting, penny-arcade, peter gabriel, photoshop, prince, ps2, ramen, reading, rob zombie, roleplaying, rpg, rpgs, safari, sci-fi, science fiction, science!!, sf, slashdot, social networks, stamping out apostrophe abuse, star trek, star wars, stross, studio ghibli, swarf, tangerine dream, technology, the matrix, the ocho, they might be giants, this mortal coil, thomas dolby, tim burton, tim powers, tmbg, tori amos, transculturalism, used bookstores, vanilla milkshakes, vernor vinge, video game development, video games, videogames, warren ellis, whisky tango foxtrot, william gibson, witty banter, yellowjacket greenapple, your mom, zefrank, zeromancer, zombie films, zombie movies, zombies, 居酒屋, 日本, 日本語
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