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Had a dream last night that bronchitis was a demonic presence and had lodged in my nasal passageway just noseward of my right eye. It was going to be in there and causing pain until I could get it exorcised. I woke up several times during the night with a headache in that spot, so I thought it was real. I couldn't wake up enough to realize that it wasn't demonic, so every time I woke up it was my impression that the headache would be endless. 
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Had a weird dream last night. I was walking down some street in a city, maybe Westwood in LA, or Osaka. I was with a group of several friends, I think including Reno and Jeff. Hayley Williams walked by with a group of people, and I thought "Hm, I wonder if she remembers me. Oh, wait, where would she 'remember' me from? I know we met, but where...?" and then she screamed, "HEY, BWANA! HI!" and was full of smiles and waves.

I smiled and waved back. Jeff and Reno were like "What the hell, you know her?"

"Yeah, but it was some other dream... Oh, wait, if that was a dream, then this is a dream too..." and then I woke up. The funny thing is, the time I "met her" was months ago, and I didn't even consciously know I'd had that dream until this one dredged it up for me again. In that other dream, I think I was making out with her in the galley of someone else's yacht. You'd think I'd remember something like that.
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It dawns on me that I'm playing too many games lately, particularly Rock Band and GTA IV: I just remembered that the other night I had a dream that I was running around a big, NY-like city, and I had to play various notes on buttons stashed in various locales throughout the streets. When I realized the gameplay didn't make any sense, I woke up.


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