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Interesting weekend for me: even with the wife away on a business trip, the kids were both largely angelic... but I worked hard to make it easy for them. Saturday I made breakfast for them; the boy loves pancakes and maple syrup (the real stuff) but at some point the girl decided the smell of them makes her nauseous. In the afternoon I took them and their cousin to a children's art show where they built a giant cardboard fort while I looked at a bunch of kids' work on the walls. We had an early dinner and then attended karate for two hours.

During that Saturday I managed to chalk up a number of injuries; I nearly fell down the steps again while trying to close a window on the landing. Pulling rice out of the microwave, a jet of steam opened up on one finger and gave me a searing jolt. Then I went to karate and hurried into a very bad backward roll; managed to conk my own head as well as put my 94kg weight onto my neck. Then one of my favorite black belts gave me a 10 minute clinic on resisting his joint locks, which mostly turned out to be ways to make me squeak like a bagpipe.

Everyone slept pretty well that night, though I was still paranoid about mosquitoes after that other incident.

Sunday morning, the girl rose earlier than the rest of us and helped the neighborhood kids gather and centralize newspapers for recycling. As a reward, she was able bring one of her friends over for the afternoon and play. In the evening my mom-in-law took all of us to a hotspring for a soak and dinner. This spring is about 30 minutes drive into the mountains, and has air that is more cool and clear than near our home; soaking in the outdoor tubs is something I could do for hours. Dinner was great; I had a smörgåsbord of various pickles and a little grilled fish, as well as some spicy tebasaki and some cool nihonshuu served from a chilled shoot of bamboo. Lovely. It was a great way to get all of us recharged for the week ahead of us. Only a few more days until I get my wife back.

(And in the "this cannot possibly fail" category, I'm thinking of making a hard rock band with costumes made out of steak and ribs and calling it MEATALLICA.)
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I'd thought to get one of those pre-cut salads at the store today, but when I went past the fish section in the supermarket there were prepared o-bento lunches, including one that had a big hunk of seasonal buri (large catch Yellowtail) grilled teriyaki style, two deep-fried shrimp, head and all, and a breaded deep-fried oyster which has just come into season. In addition, there were boiled Chinese snap peas and sato-imo, shredded gobo root, pickled octopus and seaweed, and a reasonable portion of rice which was topped with pickled plums.

The whole thing was ¥580. Sometimes I forget how nice it is to eat in this country, but today I'm well reminded.
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Milk Curry!, originally uploaded by chronovore.

Milk Seafood!, originally uploaded by chronovore.

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I dunno if this is tasty or not, but Cracker Lasagna is a great name for a band.
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I am full-on jonesing for a beef au jus sandwich.

What are those sammies in Chicago called? Italian Beef or something? Those seemed like au jus beef PLUS ALPHA, baby. I want one immediately.


Apr. 4th, 2008 09:27 pm
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Am considering writing a screenplay for an action movie, or making an omelet titled "BACONSTORM." This cannot even possibly fail.
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In Japan, Special K cereal is coated with brown rice syrup, making it sweet.

I am doomed.
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Professor, what's another word for 'pirate treasure'?
Why, I think it's 'bootie'!
I ended up not minding being at work today, though it's a national holiday. Today's the day all the 20 year olds celebrate turning into legal adults; the newly-grown-up people get dressed up and go out on the town to be seen. Women get their hair immaculately coiffed, wear fur stoles, and bright, colorful kimono; the boys dress up in sharp, overly trendy suits and get their hair to stand out at all angles, and basically look like cheap gangsters. In ten years, the girls will be happy to show off pictures of their big day; the boys? Probably not so much.

Today's lunch was mixed seafood "furai" (fry) at a local coffeeshop; their coffee's actually pretty atrocious and their food's not particularly good (or bad) but for ¥750 (tax included, and no tip, because it's Japan) is pretty great for a lunch that gets ordered, served, and eaten in the first 25 minutes of a lunch hour.

However, today was different. The coffee was still miserable, but the fish was meaty, there was a nice fat shrimp, and two, decent-sized, plump, juicy breaded scallops. All this with the usual salad, rice, and miso soup, I was a happy camper.

The latter half of my lunch hour I took to walk around and work off some of the grease and fat; I ended up seeing parts of the surrounding area that I've never walked on, even though they're within 500m of the office, and I've worked here for over 6 years. The sky is clear and bright, and a brisk wind is making the sunshine falling on leaves particularly sharp and saturated. I should do this more often.
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My family just got back from a trip to San Jose, California. I very much wanted to see my local friends, but instead decided to keep the entire trip entirely focused on being with my Dad's widow and my sister's family. My two kids get to play with their Japanese family every day of the year, as they're literally 20 steps away down the block from our house, but they've only seen their single US cousin once before. We made up for some of that discrepancy on this trip, and we really got my Dad's widow into the Christmas spirit, and she helped us do the same.

My apologies to [ profile] weezie13, [ profile] tsanders, [ profile] allera, [ profile] hedr_goblin, [ profile] cyclopea, [ profile] toxgunn, and heaps of friends who don't have LJ accounts. I know everyone was probably busy with their own plans anyway, but I feel bad for being incommunicado about it.

The trip started off badly but became better as the week went on. cut for length and video )

on brekkies

Aug. 7th, 2007 12:14 pm
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My response to a question about breakfast in another forum:
Breakfast is the holiest of all meals, and Is Not To Be Skipped.

Weekdays, I have coffee and toast every day, and a scrambled egg if I can get away with it.

Weekends are Bob's Red Mill 6-grain mush, or steel-cut Irish oatmeal, or just plain rolled-oats oatmeal, in descending order of preference. Rolled oats are fast enough that they get airtime during the week as well. Sometimes I throw the previous night's rice into the mush for added texture.

Sausage here is pretty good, though I miss polska kielbasa. Ham is very good, but bacon is unimpressive. I recall finding some US brand bacon at Kyoto's Meiji-ya on San-jo, and happily paying triple the US price just for some really-actually-smoked bacon flavor, instead of this ham-flavored belly meat they pass off as bacon here.

Whenever I get back to the USA I make sure and hit a real breakfast food place; I miss greasy spoon restaurants, bottomless coffee, and not having to clean up my own egg-encrusted dishes.
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I've just finished a package of Twinings powdered "Chai" stuff, and it does not impress at all. Maybe if I boiled some ginger down to a hefty concentrate, I could get some decent spiciness, but that's a half-measure.

Does anyone know a good DIY recipe for brewing masala chai?

up late

Jun. 5th, 2007 01:04 am
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Looking for mischief, so I must be recovering a little. Apparently it's food-poisoning season, and I drew the short straw. I'll spare the gory details, but there are both gore and details galore. Think Peter Gabriel's "Here Comes the Flood," except somatic. Bleh.

Even with this sudden few moments of coherent time on my hands, I will not be able to catch up with the backlog of LJ posts I've accrued over the last three weeks. What do you peeps do when you get behind on your friends-list?


Jun. 5th, 2007 12:59 am
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[mixi] アイスな和菓子 和のしずく 季節限定「抹茶あん」が新登場: because [ profile] aalfonso wants to give her his personal wa-no-shizuku. And can there be anything wrong with ice-cream wrapped in red bean paste wrapped in mochi? No? I thought not.
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It's been a while since I posted something unequivocally positive, so here goes:
I really like apricot preserves. Really. Really-really.

If Apricot preserves were a girl, I would marry them. It. Her. Whatever.

You know.
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"A" was a vegetarian of convenience; though she commonly only ate vegetables and generally only indulged as far as eggs and milk products, she claimed "bacon is a spice" when it was time to make a good quiche.

"K" was a vegetarian of inconvenience. When a group would get together to go out to eat, she would sometimes grudgingly complain that there weren't any good vegetarian choices on the menu. We would point out that she wasn't a vegetarian; in some instances we were able to point out the steak or ribs that she had enjoyed for dinner the previous night. In those instances, just before going out to eat with a sizeable group of omnivores, she would claim to be newly vegetarian. Rather than randomly, this bit flipped with seeming relation to the size of the dinner party.


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