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nihil obstat |ˈnīhil ˈäbstat| noun(in the Roman Catholic Church) a certification by an official censor that a book is not objectionable on doctrinal or moral grounds.ORIGIN Latin, literally nothing hinders.
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Stealing Focus XP - How To Prevent Programs From Stealing Focus in Windows XP Using Tweak UI:
Focus stealing is annoying and serves no purpose, unless you have a program that you want a full-screen interruption from on a random basis.
Using said "Tweak UI" from Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP to prevent our local build tools from spazzing out and popping up every single window and dialog over my database and email efforts while it is supposed to be updating IN TH' FREAKIN' BACKGROUND.
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(OK, it looks like this is a 3.1 issue; I thought I'd installed 3.1 at launch but apparently I was running 3.0.whatevs until this morning.)

TLDR version:I hate being made to feel stupid. Why do engineers ever think it's a good idea to put multiple search fields available in an application's user interface? iTunes does some weird crap, but even iTunes knows enough to make Search contextually sensitive to location within the app. In your Library? I'll search the library. In the Apple Store? I'll search the store. It probably also isolates if you're in your iPod or iPad...

One of the things which irks me a lot are shortsighted UI changes which look efficient but are actually confusing. Like MS Office "ribbon"? I hate that thing. It may be great for new users, but for users who are accustomed to Office, suddenly it's just about impossible to find my own ass with both hands, a flashlight, and a GPS.

Thunderbird mandated a "minor" revision this morning (actually with 3.1) and its search functionality has changed. Until this morning, it had a single search field, and the magnifying glass icon was a drop down for Search Type, e.g. search all messages, message body, subject, to: and subject, etc.

In today's revision, in addition to the Search field at the top, now there's a Quick Filter bar underneath it, with the ability to show only mails with attachments, tagged mail, mail from contacts, etc. The whole Quick Filter bar can be minimized/hidden, so you don't have to see it all the time. It also has its own Search field for text entry.

The functionality for Quick Filters was previously inherent to the universal search field, but now the various drop down Search options are now buttons. These are displayed only if text has been entered, so what was one step is now a progressive isolation of search results. That's not inherently bad, but it's a big change.

But now there are two fields for text entry when searching: "Search All Messages" field and a "Quick Filter" field. I just don't see a reason why this wasn't included in a "Search" bar. Anytime a user has to go multiple places to find things, it's confusing. And I can't believe the change isn't advertised in mile high flaming letters on the greeting screen.
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More fun in the new world: The place which advertised out-of-warranty iPhone repairs does not, for some reason, repair iPod Touch.

A long story, short: my iPod Touch headphone jack went flaky 3 weeks ago, which was 6~7 weeks past its one-year warranty. Apple wants 23,200 yen to give me a refurb unit, but recommended buying a new, same-capacity unit for 29,980 yen. Because of a 100 yen headphone jack. I have been pissed off since then.

Last night I called the US support line, and they reiterated the same policy: After 12 months, "it is a gamble" to own the iPod without extending the warranty through AppleCare, and the cost of my unknowingly cast bet is 199USD. This advice was not endearing.

During lunch today, I took a rushed trip by train to Nipponbashi to again visit the shop which had been closed on Tuesday. This time it was open, but the first thing the guy said was "Oh, this is an iPod. We do iPhones..."  He was helpful and gave the old college try to open the iPod, but the sucker-grip used for iPhone didn't work, and jimmying it with a guitar pick didn't have any more luck. He couldn't get it open and was worried about warping the case, especially since they didn't carry replacement cases. At this point, I'm considering shipping it to one of the US-based, third party repair places, then getting them to ship it to my sister, and having her bring it with her in June.

Also "at this point," I'm pretty sure that my current set of Apple goods are the last ones I will buy. Apple suggesting that a 13-month-old, 500USD piece of kit should be repurchased over a headphone jack, combined with the cascade of problems my refurb PowerBook had, with which Apple dealt so gracelessly, Apple is no longer the apple of my eye. My planned iPad purchase, my MacBook replacement for the still-ailing PowerBook, are no longer in the works. If Softbank gives me a free iPhone I won't refuse it, but I'm done sending Apple my money.
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Gartner forecasts phones overtaking PCs as most common web browsing device by 2013 -- Engadget:
and that by as soon as 2012, 20% of businesses will "own no IT assets" -- meaning that employees would be using their own personal computer, and that the businesses themselves would be relying on cloud-based services.
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Dear Lazyweb,
Though I'm a big proponent of meeting and playing with co-workers outside the office, because playing and talking with other people improves interpersonal relationships, fosters empathy or at least sympathy, and leads to greater acknowledgment of each other as something more than an office drone who can only ask for favors or pile on additional work.

However, when it comes to social networking sites, it seems best to Stay Well Clear of co-workers, not only so they're not scoping the pictures from the family picnic from that day you couldn't work on the weekend, or entries about hangovers when you reported in with "some kind of cold, and maybe a fever."

With those two examples, it seems like exchanging gamertags should be a good idea because it allows for outside-the-office gameplay time,  but on closer inspection it's probably closer to SNS, isn't it?

I mean, co-workers here are frequently talking about their online experiences and we all complain about how the 360 is not selling in Japan -- but no-one exchanges their GamerTag information. Here we have a mess of potential available players, but no dice. Is it the fear of a 3 a.m. gaming session being found out that creates that social barrier? Or are they afraid of dominating co-workers too much, effectively having to take it easy on them rather than being able to just game and release stress?

How does this hold up outside Japan? Are European or North American offices similar?
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chintzy - Definitions from
[Origin: 1850–55; chintz + -y1; cf. chinchy, which has reinforced figurative senses]
Google says this is the only word in teh internets which sports this three word combination in this configuration. What the HELL does it mean?
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This is one of those cases where it is important to remember that possessive pronouns never take apostrophes, even though possessive nouns do (see it’s/its). “Who’s” always and forever means only “who is,” as in “Who’s that guy with the droopy mustache?” or “who has,” as in “Who’s been eating my porridge?” “Whose” is the possessive form of “who” and is used as follows: “Whose dirty socks are these on the breakfast table?”
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It appears that DaiCon 7, an international science fiction convention, will be held at Namikili Hall near my home in Kishiwada, Osaka over Saturday and Sunday (Aug. 23~24).

If any of y'all are planning on attending, drop me a line here or in email.
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Okami Wii special covers update! - these are so pretty, I'm going to print these out for my PS2 version!
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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: The Abridged Script | The Editing Room:
SHIA and HARRISON escape on a motorcycle. Crazy stunts are performed in order to evade the SOVIETS.

Are we really expecting audiences to put up with this? We’re violating like ten thousand laws of physics here.

Are you joking, kid? That makes this the most realistic action scene in the movie.


SHIA and HARRISON go to SOUTH AMERICA to look for the next CLUE. SHIA flips his knife around in his hand trying to look badass, but actually grabs it by the blade. Twice. Seriously.

Alright, the walkthrough for the movie says that our next clue is in a spooky graveyard. We should probably save our game here.

Pick up MAP. Use MAP on HARRISON FORD. Walk To TOMB.
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It dawns on me that I'm playing too many games lately, particularly Rock Band and GTA IV: I just remembered that the other night I had a dream that I was running around a big, NY-like city, and I had to play various notes on buttons stashed in various locales throughout the streets. When I realized the gameplay didn't make any sense, I woke up.
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Played Rock Band during lunch, had my GamerTag account and Rock Band data with me on a 512KB Memory Unit so we had a 3-person jam on Jonathan Coulton's Still Alive (GLaDOS) right then and there.

You may all begin weeping your jealous tears.
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The Myth of the Media Myth: Games and Non-Gamers | MetaFilter:
I've been outside. It's overrrated.

Traditionally Outside receives extremely high ratings by those who like to see others play it, and these people are in many cases comfortably ensconced Inside themselves. Outside was released many years ago, it was in fact the first massively multiplayer game, and yet it has always managed to avoid the double-edged Retro tag. In its favor, continual user updates have kept Outside current; there are always new things to see and do Outside. Participants are permitted, to some extent, to modify their own areas of Outside, which is a large part of the fun of the game. However it seems that in the end one is modifying Outside largely for the sake of it, and having done it, there is a distinct feeling of "now what?"

In terms of the traditional target age content metrics, Outside is remarkably high in sex, violence and challenges to traditional values, despite the strong child-focussed marketing it receives. Many would go so far as to say that for a child to develop the ability to cope with Outside is essential, as long as the harm incurred is not too debilitating. Children injured playing Outside are usually comforted by parents, and soon encouraged to go Outside again; this leads to the conclusion that somehow Outside has escaped any and all of the usual moralizing that surrounds the videogaming industry. One might say that Outside gets a free pass from the Jack Thompsons of this world.

That aside, how does Outside actually rate? Read more... )
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Sony delays PSP Skype in Japan //
Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has delayed the launch of the Skype service for PSP users just 24 hours before it was due to launch.
The company had prepared two first-party microphone packages for launch day, but neither of these has met specifications defined by Skype.
Huh? How does Skype's parent company not know that the microphone is not up to their standard until the day before launch? How man units were manufactured and will now need to be destroyed?

I'm just flabbergasted that Sony made a first-party bit of hardware kit for Skype and somehow it's not good enough for the brand. It seems backward.
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Engadget is home to the dorkiest article title I have seen in years: OLPC hacked to run Amiga OS. And, no, it's not a "geeky" title, it's dorky. BeOS would be "geeky."
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Service Pack 1 Will Turn Off Vista's 'Kill Switch' | Compiler from
partial article text )Perhaps the strangest part is that, in spite of the fact the Microsoft is doing away with the kill switch, Sievert claims that it’s been a huge success — Vista piracy is roughly half that of XP.
It is worth noting that correspondence does not imply causation. It's highly likely that Vista piracy is down because anybody who knows enough about computers to install an OS off a P2P'd ROM wants anything to do with Vista.


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