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I gave up and put on the air conditioner today, when a waterfall of sweat was running off my arms despite sitting directly in front of a fan.

This country is trying to kill me. 


Jun. 19th, 2012 02:45 pm
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So today I ended up getting on the Bike Car instead of the normal one. I think I was supposed to be one more toward the rear. My brother in law and a mutual friend were somewhere else. 
I was seated neighboring someone who was having some digestive problems. Either the guy in front of me, or the one behind me, was farting. 
Noxious fumes roiled throughout the local airspace with a thickness and effectiveness I'd only thought possible with weaponized aerosols. 
I know everyone farts, but I was seriously considering telling the guy to put a cork in it, if I could isolated it to the fore or aft passenger.

I should have felt bad for the guy, but I was actually getting angry. 

Meanwhile, my stomach has been iffy for a week. But I've not been nearly-killing passers-by.


Apr. 11th, 2011 02:50 pm
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I'm a poster boy for hay fever today: red, sticky, itchy eyes; runny nose; itchy throat; and for the first time ever, ringing ears.

Seriously, what is with this? Apparently we just shifted into hinoki cyprus season, where it had previously just been cedar, which doesn't much affect me. This has been one of the most severe allergy seasons I've ever experienced. Probably influenced by other stresses, no doubt. I think another bad allergy season was right when I was graduating from college in 1991, and had no idea where I'd be working... or living, for that matter.

So, yeah, ringing ears. Not a fan.
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Have had a nasty cold since Monday. Worked through it on Tuesday, but fled early on Wednesday and took all of Thursday off. Went in for a TV meeting with the client and our director of PD this morning, put out any on-fire emails in my Inbox, prepared some new data for my programmer, bailed at lunchtime and passed the hell out for three hours. Feeling pretty out of it. I've had a low-grade fever (37.4ºc) for the whole week. I kinda wish my body would get serious about boiling out the virus and get to it. WHAMMO! 39ºc, let's GO already!

...actually, if I'm going to wish for something, I should just wish to be healthy again.


Jan. 26th, 2010 01:22 pm
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I caught a cold; last week the wife and daughter had it. I wondered why I didn't get it. We had a milestone deliverable last night, which we managed. Today I woke up with a sore throat, sneezing, and some aches.

I'm posting these so I can monitor tagged entries to find how often I catch what's going around. Nothing to see here, move along.


Jan. 11th, 2010 01:47 pm
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It's going to be a long day when the urge for cookies hits only 45 minutes after lunch has ended. And they're not even particularly good cookies. I will endure with the help of this large bottle of water and immersion in the day's tasks.

PS: I want a scone.
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Mainly just to keep track of my health: I've got a cold. I took off last Monday because I had the start of a cold, and wasn't sure if I'd caught the girl's influenza. It wasn't, and it wasn't much of a cold in the end.

But as of yesterday it hit normal cold symptoms: mild cough, runny nose and sneezing which hopefully won't lead to a sinus infection because those are not fun. No fever: 36.8 c.

I shouldn't have been showing off so much to [ profile] hedr_goblin that I'd dodged the virus. :-/
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Interesting weekend for me: even with the wife away on a business trip, the kids were both largely angelic... but I worked hard to make it easy for them. Saturday I made breakfast for them; the boy loves pancakes and maple syrup (the real stuff) but at some point the girl decided the smell of them makes her nauseous. In the afternoon I took them and their cousin to a children's art show where they built a giant cardboard fort while I looked at a bunch of kids' work on the walls. We had an early dinner and then attended karate for two hours.

During that Saturday I managed to chalk up a number of injuries; I nearly fell down the steps again while trying to close a window on the landing. Pulling rice out of the microwave, a jet of steam opened up on one finger and gave me a searing jolt. Then I went to karate and hurried into a very bad backward roll; managed to conk my own head as well as put my 94kg weight onto my neck. Then one of my favorite black belts gave me a 10 minute clinic on resisting his joint locks, which mostly turned out to be ways to make me squeak like a bagpipe.

Everyone slept pretty well that night, though I was still paranoid about mosquitoes after that other incident.

Sunday morning, the girl rose earlier than the rest of us and helped the neighborhood kids gather and centralize newspapers for recycling. As a reward, she was able bring one of her friends over for the afternoon and play. In the evening my mom-in-law took all of us to a hotspring for a soak and dinner. This spring is about 30 minutes drive into the mountains, and has air that is more cool and clear than near our home; soaking in the outdoor tubs is something I could do for hours. Dinner was great; I had a smörgåsbord of various pickles and a little grilled fish, as well as some spicy tebasaki and some cool nihonshuu served from a chilled shoot of bamboo. Lovely. It was a great way to get all of us recharged for the week ahead of us. Only a few more days until I get my wife back.

(And in the "this cannot possibly fail" category, I'm thinking of making a hard rock band with costumes made out of steak and ribs and calling it MEATALLICA.)
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For the curious, yesterday's colonoscopy went just fine, I am apparently clean as any meat-based whistle.

cut for health-related TMI )

kiai irete

Jun. 29th, 2009 02:37 pm
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Well, karate kicked my ass again this week. Everything went a lot better than the previous week, except for two things. Two arguably critical things. Last week I bashed my forearms against other guys' forearms until they were swelling and bruised. This week I did that too, but it wasn't as bad as my technique has returned/improved a little bit.

The two parts that got me were (1) a simple jumping exercise, leaping over a rope and landing on one leg. Flinging myself one leg at-at-time over a rope is not a good idea at 94kg; I tweaked my lower back on the right side. Worse was (2) going in for a strike/counter drill where the defender sweeps my right arm down, away, and then up behind my back while guiding my head down, forcing a single-arm roll. Only, I really don't remember how do do single-arm rolls, and I ended up putting the aforementioned 94kg into my left shoulder in a sloppy roll.

It hurts badly enough that it's waking me up, preventing me from sleeping easily. I'm a little punchy now, after Saturday and Sunday nights were spent not-sleeping. Tried to get to the chiropractor today but I arrived at 08:33 and would have had to wait two hours to have it seen to. I'm going to find a new chiro office, because my current one's popularity with all the local senior citizens prevents it from ever, EVER being a convenient visit.

I'll practice my rolls and such more frequently before the next class. Both kids are enjoying it, but maybe feel a little overwhelmed. Honestly, this lesson is loads more casual than the dojo I started off with when I was 12. Still, 2 hours is a long time for a kid to concentrate on anything.

ow, my leg!

Jun. 3rd, 2009 11:37 am
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Had a fall down some stairs on Monday this week. That was during lunch , 47 hours ago now, nearly exactly. I thought there were 5 steps, but there were six. 95kgs of Me on my wee ankle. It didn't go well for the ankle.

Today things are better, but I shaved and taped my ankle based on my brother-in-law showing me the proper technique yesterday. Swelling is down a bit.

I feel like I can see the future me, 80 years old, finally buying it by falling down stairs. I seem to do it once a year. What the hell is up with that?
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We are definitely in a change-of-seasons here in Osaka. Yesterday was gorgeous clear skies, and warm. Today is not chill enough to explain the uniformly grey skies, the drizzly rain.

This morning was the first so far this year where sleeping under a single blanket had me waking up in a light sweat at 06:30. Man, I hate summers here, and it's just going to get more rough over the following 5 months. I need to mop up the remaining days of spring with an intense appreciate for their attempt at mildness.


Feb. 4th, 2009 01:31 pm
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Two of my least favorite things about getting older may be connected. My hairline is thinning out, and I am getting new hair growing in my ear. Clearly those strands from my hairline have become lost. Or bored, and have begun wandering around.
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This morning I went to the chiropractor/physical therapist, who worked on my shoulder injury as well as "making adjustments to the human spine" particularly in my neck and between my shoulderblades. When I receive treatment, I come out of there feeling better, but what's weird is I feel like my vision has improved. I can see things more clearly, and further away.

Is this just my imagination, or does releasing tension in the spine free up my eyes to focus more efficiently?
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The Straight Dope: Does Tylenol + alcohol = liver failure?:
The real problem with drugs like Tylenol is that the difference between a therapeutic (that is, medically effective) dose and a toxic one is surprisingly small. In adults the maximum safe dosage is four grams (eight 500-milligram tablets) over a 24-hour period. The toxic dose is a mere seven grams taken all at once.
Edit: removed the 2nd part of the article title, because we all know it's a trick question; socialist Canada cannot afford buildings. ;-P
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I'm all stoked about how much free stuff Google provides online, but this seems like something which is ripe for abuse:
Google Health now available for public use
Wouldn't it be great if you could get access to and manage all of your personal health information online? This would help you keep your doctors and family members up-to-date on important medical conditions and current medications. Well, after a successful pilot with the Cleveland Clinic, we've opened up Google Health to everyone in the U.S. It's easy to sign up, and free to use. All you need is a Google username and password. You can import your medical records and prescription history from our partners — well-known brands such as Walgreens, Longs Drugs and Quest Diagnostics.
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Went home at 18:30 last night, and to bed at 21:30, as I had eaten a bit of bad sausage for brekkies in the morning. Spent the afternoon either in the head, or hallucinating that the buildings outside were waving at me.

For a guy who looks tough, it feels like my digestive system is constructed from tissue paper. Wet tissue paper.


Mar. 5th, 2008 01:35 pm
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GodDAMN I hate cheap nihonshuu. I had three - just THREE - tiny little ichi-go bottles of the stuff at a cheap izakaya, and my head is pounding and I feel like puking. The way it has been explained to me, nihonshuu is a brewed beverage but commonly the cheap stuff is fortified with distilled liquor similar to a rice-based shou-chuu. So drinking crap sake is akin to mixing one's alcohol types, and therefore will easily cause a hangover quickly.

Which is where I am today. Man, I'm NEVER drinking that crap again.

How to go from being favored to being reviled in 8 minutes: While in this ragged state, I arrived at Sakai at 9:52, so I decided to get a latte at Sol Latino Caffe in the supermarket, which opens at 10:00. I waited nearly 10 minutes for the shop to open, at which point the clerk informed me that store hours had been changed, and now they're open from 10:30.
So here's a coffeeshop which now opens at the very moment from which I need to be in the office every morning.
In a mall where there is a patisserie which opens at 07:30 every morning with cheaper coffee.
In a mall where the MOS Burger opens at 08:00, and they at least serve their bitter swill in thick ceramic mugs.
In a mall where there is a KFC which opens at 10:00 to support everyone's mid-morning fried chicken jones.
Every other shop opens at 10:00 or earlier, but the one place with coffee that tastes right is closed to me.

I should be bringing my thermos anyway.

Other news: How to lure me away from iTunes - Amazon is offering the new NIN album, Ghosts, as unprotected MP3s for US$5.


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