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January 2006A nightmarish neighbor: noisy, nosy, now in jail / Police say they hauled guns, ammo, drugs from his home:
For three years, Bertone, who once worked for the city Housing Authority and ran for the Board of Supervisors in 2000, has wreaked all sorts of havoc in an otherwise quiet community in the southeastern part of the city known as Little Hollywood, officials and his neighbors said Wednesday.

Bertone, 54, doesn't just play loud music, authorities say. At all hours of the day and night, he has blasted police radio broadcasts, shrill oscillating tones, Spanish dance tunes and other noise from speakers he installed on the outside of his home at 336 Lathrop Ave. Police said they could hear the racket from 100 yards away.

Bertone isn't just a nosy neighbor, they add.

Police said he hooked up floodlights and six cameras that swept the block. Inside his home, he could monitor his neighbors' movements on four video screens.
Flash forward to November 2006 - SAN FRANCISCO / Blaze guts home of ex-noisy neighbor / Fire called accident -- owner plans to leave neighborhood:
The home of a San Francisco man who once tormented his neighbors by tracking them with surveillance cameras and blaring music from the roof went up in flames Wednesday, in what firefighters called an accidental blaze.

The two-alarm fire broke out just after noon near the water heater in Don Bertone's home at 336 Lathrop Ave., in a southeastern neighborhood known as Little Hollywood. Firefighters believe heat from the appliance ignited fumes from a nearby can of gasoline.

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Luckless Predator Only Attracted to Undercover Cops | Threat Level |
By Kevin Poulsen Email Author |  August 14, 2009 | 2:51 pm |

It’s official. There’s nobody in the chat rooms but pedophiles and undercover police.

On Thursday, a federal appeals court upheld the conviction of an Indiana man whose online efforts to proposition underage girls led him to not one, not two, but three undercover cops, none of whom apparently knew about the others.

The case began in August 2006, when aspiring sexual predator James Daniel started an online conversation with Amanda_13, a fake 13-year-old girl voiced by Sergeant Richard Howard of the Porter County Sheriff’s Department.

After several highly explicit chats, Daniel asked Amanda_13 to meet him at a park in Valparaiso, Indiana, to have sex. When he showed up, he was arrested for inducing an individual under 18 to engage in criminal sexual activity.

When Secret Service agents searched Daniel’s computer, they found logs of chats with two other apparent minors, who described themselves as 13 and 15 years old, respectively. Federal prosecutors introduced the chats at Daniel’s trial as evidence of his perverted motives.

Supposedly, it was only after Daniel was convicted that the feds realized that one of those girls, daisy13_Indiana, was also a cop working the very same Secret Service operation. They informed Daniel’s attorney, who appealed on the grounds that the government improperly withheld information that would have proven entrapment.

The case became even more bizarre when the three-judge appellate panel reviewing the conviction saw the screen name of the third supposed teenager, blonddt, and recognized it from an earlier case.

“To our surprise, the government was unaware until this panel told it at oral argument that the other screen name, blonddt, was also an officer from the Indiana operation,” wrote Judge Diane Wood (.pdf) on Thursday.

Despite the prosecutorial missteps, the panel upheld Daniel’s conviction, ruling that the additional chat logs still showed his intent to commit a crime. Daniel is serving a sentence of 17-and-a-half years in prison, followed by supervised release for life.

There’s no evidence in the record that he ever succeeded in talking with a real underage girl.
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Lost ½ an hour to searching google for how to get Google Desktop to allow me to search my desktop by default, rather than search web by default. Apparently the feature was deprecated between the last upgrade I had (which probably kept the registry keys) and a recent series of application crashes which necessitated an uninstall/reinstall of GD, wherein my legacied option edits and the feature itself were actively disappeared by the Google sekrit police.

Solution found! Ostensibly from here, though I had to google google's cached data to find out how to google my desktop. I'm a-goggle:

I swore that Google Desktop used to provide a means for setting it to search the desktop by default, instead of the web. Jess confirmed this for me. He's running version 5.1.0707 and I'm running version 5.7.0712. I guess they decided to take this feature away for some reason. Jess found the option on the 'Display' tab of the desktop preferences. But the option isn't there for me.

I decided to jump into the registry to see if anything jumped out at me. Sure enough, something did. The key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Desktop\Deskbar has REG_SZ setting for "search_type." The value was "Search Web" and I changed it to "Search Desktop." This immediately went into effect and I am now searching my desktop by default from the deskbar.

On a side note, as un-fun and queasy-making as directly editing your Windows Registry is, it is even less fun to navigate in Japanese.


Mar. 13th, 2009 01:49 pm
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Why do authors, hollywood, studios, etc. get angry at fanfic writers, but music bands never seem to get angry at other, lesser known, perhaps less talented bands for making weird, freaky, sometimes bad cover versions of songs?
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Guantanamo judge refuses Obama's request for delay | Reuters:
But the judge, Army Colonel James Pohl, said the law underpinning the tribunals gives the presiding judges sole authority to delay cases. He ruled that postponing proceedings against Abd al Rahim al Nashiri would harm the public interest in a speedy trial.

The White House was consulting with the Pentagon and Justice Department on a response, said spokesman Robert Gibbs.

Nashiri is charged with conspiring with al Qaeda to crash an explosives-laden boat against the side of the USS Cole in the Yemeni port of Aden in 2000. The attack killed 17 U.S. sailors and Nashiri would face execution if convicted. His arraignment is set for February 9.
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James Brown is dead, but so is house music now.

...poor house music.
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The Wife had to work on Sunday, so I arranged a play-date with another family; after a sunny picnic lunch, we went out for karaoke. After breaking my voice on the one challenging part of "White Wedding" and realizing that without the pitch guide I can't sing "Blitzkrieg Bop" has made me realize how much I'm being babied by Rock Band, even on Hard.

I'd still like to thank Harmonix and Neversoft for providing ways to grade air guitar performance.


Sep. 9th, 2008 11:49 am
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Japan's sumo wrestling chief quits over marijuana scandal - Telegraph:
Kitanoumi Toshimitsu, head of the Japan Sumo Association and former sumo star of the 1970s, stepped down after two wrestlers were accused of smoking marijuana only weeks after a third was sacked for possession of the same drug.
Man, if there was ever a group that I assumed didn't need the munchies, it would be the sumo.
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Record labels seek more action on Rock Band and Guitar Hero - Los Angeles Times:
The firms deserve a bigger piece of the profit from music titles, Warner CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. says.
By Michelle Quinn and Alex Pham, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers ; August 18, 2008
Many music industry executives facing a CD sales slump love the sound of Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

The video games have millions of followers who memorize every note of songs so they can jam along -- and they often buy the original version of their favorites. In addition to the publicity, the record labels get licensing fees from the game publishers.

But not all music industry executives are singing "Hallelujah."

Edgar Bronfman Jr., chairman and chief executive of Warner Music Group, recently grumbled that the record labels deserved a bigger piece of the spoils from the games' success.

"The amount being paid to the industry, even though their games are entirely dependent on the content that we own and control, is far too small," he said during an Aug. 7 earnings call.full article behind cut )
I'd have a lot more sympathy for the record companies' whining about revenue sharing if (a) they were also talking about sharing the spike in music sales after inclusion in Guitar Hero or Rock Band with the game's creators (it's a two-way street, beyotch), and (b) were actually benefiting the "content creators" such as the bands themselves rather than trying to vampirically lock on to a new revenue model, or (c) were actually contributing something to the game development community. What they're talking about is how unfair it is that someone else figured out how to use their (legally licensed) IP when the RIAA has been focusing on making it as difficult as possible to do anything new with their music. xposted to [ profile] gamers
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Oddly Enough | Reuters | They had sex WHERE?:
ROME (Reuters) - An Italian couple who were caught having sex in a church confessional box while morning Mass was being said have repented and made peace with the local bishop.

The couple, in their early 30s, were detained by police earlier this month after they had made love in the confessional box in the cathedral in northern Cesena. They were cautioned for obscene acts in public and disturbing a religious function.

Their lawyer said they had been drinking all night and realized they had gone too far.

The lawyer told the area's local newspaper on Wednesday the couple met with the local bishop on Tuesday night, asked for his forgiveness and that he had given it.

Last week the bishop celebrated a "Mass of reparation" in the cathedral where the confessional box incident took place to make up for the sacrilege.
I think they were just trying to save; they could indulge in sin and then IMMEDIATELY be forgiven.
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Worst Place to Live in Japan: (warning: linked page is mildly NSFW)
The above is a screencap (note: not included to avoid hotlinking) from a TV program with a list entitled "statistics which show the reality of Osaka." The figures show that Osaka comes out tops (worst) out of all the cities in Japan in the following categories...

* Theft
* Car vandalism
* Murder and other violent crimes
* Number of homeless
* Death by Cancer
* Number of offices declining
* Unemployment rate (2nd worse)
* Bankruptcy rate (2nd worse)
* Number of primary schools that don't serve food
* National learning proficiency test
* Child abuse deaths
Even so, with all of that against it, it still feels a lot safer here than in the USA.
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First Blood
Rambo: First Blood Part 2
Rambo 3

That is worse than the titling sequence that a child might make. Boo. What will the next one be called? Rambo 2: First Blood Part 5? Man, I hope so.
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People make bad decisions when threatened, sure. But feeling threatened also needs to have a reasonable venue for being aired. This is why communication in the workplace is important. (from in-thread at [ profile] spasmsproject)
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Wired News - AP News: (via [ profile] chernobylred )
Terry Hartle, vice president of the American Council on Education, which represents higher education in Washington, said the mistakes showed the entertainment industry has unfairly targeted college campuses.

"Illegal peer-to-peer file-sharing is a society-wide problem. Some of it occurs at college s and universities but it is a small portion of the total," he said, adding colleges will continue to take the problem seriously, but more regulation isn't necessary.
Man, the MAFIAA is a society-wide problem, in my opinion. How much of the world's time have these idiots wasted based on their own-funded studies which THEY can't even be bothered to correctly interpret? I think if I were a college network admin, I'd have my own list of concerns about limiting bandwidth per user, but I don't need some hollywood lawyer asshat to tell me that.
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When I was in college, in 1989 I took a class on bookmaking in the digital age. This seemed like it was going to be an easy "A" for me (though my school had no grades...) because I'd been working in pre-press using QuarkExpress and PageMaker for ages, and was a fair hand at various versions of MS Word, going back to the DOS version. Mainly I wanted to know the proper, technical terms for work that I'd already been doing.

Instead, what happened was... )

So I look back at those days, and my reaction to them, and have to think "Man, who knows what's next?"

And I've got my own Luddite tendencies: I am full of sadness that I'm probably of the last generation who knows what chocolate pudding skin is, since all they sell is instant anymore.


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