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Your scam victim compensation has been approved for payment by the Office of the Nigerian Presidency.Get back to me on for more details.1) Your full name and address2) Your telephone3) Occupation Secretary Office of the Presidency
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Your internet access is going to get suspended

The Internet Service Provider Consorcium was made to protect the rights of software authors, artists.
We conduct regular wiretapping on our networks, to monitor criminal acts.

We are aware of your illegal activities on the internet wich were originating from

You can check the report of your activities in the past 6 month that we have attached. We strongly advise you to stop your activities regarding the illegal downloading of copyrighted material of your internet access will be suspended.

ICS Monitoring Team
I should send them back this: )
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U.S. Attorney General Seeks Custody of Paris Hilton, Intends to Confine Her at Gitmo
Follow ups:
Hilton appeal offers 'doing 45 days behind bar' instead of jail
Paris Hilton Walks Oddly From Jail
President Bush Pardons Paris Hilton

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My family, probably like most of your guys' families, are fond of forwarding chain emails to me. I used to ask them to stop, but they never understood why, and I finally just chose to not care about them. I rarely get pissed off at chain emails anymore, but this really irked me:

chain email text, lame-ass formatting intact )
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subject line: Britney steals Jamie Lynn's fetus
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Man breaks arm in horror fall
Perfect clones of well-known watch brands
The last developments in this field
Police open fire on elderly in Iowa
Boy pokes fork into sister's eye
Seinfeld to return for one last season
Scientists prove landing in Mars staged
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Whenever I leave MSN IM on, I get pinged by unknown users for dating sites, webcams, all that. Is there some giant list of Live Messenger users somewhere that they're spamming? How do they know who's logged in? This is a new and annoying form of spam for me.


Mar. 18th, 2008 05:28 pm
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Global Geek News Blog - Twitter Etiquette.

Dude. Get a life. Whomever you're following, they don't have a contract with you to follow your rules. Don't like the way they're using it? Drop them. If you're feeling giving, let them know they've been dropped, and why.

I'm not the system's biggest fan, but even I know you can input "follow [name]" to get updates pushed to your device, and "stop [name]" to cease that person's twitterrhea at a local level.

Edit: Hee! I'm a dork. It's "leave [name]" to drop them. "Off" will just c&d updates. Have a handy list.
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[002085]I wanted to experience the physical pleasure.
[002084]I wanted the adventure/excitement.
[002083]I wanted the experience.
[002082]I'm addicted to sex.
[002081]It feels good.
[002080]The person caressed me.
[002079]I wanted to release tension.
[002078]Desjardins Support
[002077]Desjardins Support
[002074]Cheap stylish repl!c@s for you and your folks!
[002072]The person was "available."
I like how there's a perceptible beat before finishing.
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Zombie Pfizer Computers Spew Viagra Spam
Computers inside pharmaceutical giant Pfizer's network are spamming the internet with e-mails touting the company's flagship erectile-enhancement drug Viagra, along with ads for knockoff Rolexes and shady junk stocks.

But the e-mails are not part of Pfizer's official marketing efforts. (full article at Wired)


Jan. 15th, 2007 09:32 am
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Does anyone here use LinkedIn or any other professional networking service?
If so, what is your policy on linking recruiters or headhunters on your profile?

poor pam

Nov. 14th, 2006 04:42 pm
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"the long arrow pierced screaming Pam"

This imagery is disturbing; I would rather this pierced the screaming sPamster that sent it...
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Do you want to fuck her until she is speechless?
A lot of my spam today wants to know. Dude. I don't even know who she is.

spam i get

Oct. 11th, 2006 05:19 pm
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"You ejacculatte within a few minutes of penetration!"

Ejacculatte? What the fuck is that? Some kind of fapuchino?

spam i get

Aug. 24th, 2006 11:33 am
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What is up with the use of superscripted numbers for quotation marks?
I was so surprised by this that I still don't know if it's really spam...
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Spam has started showing up in droves in my Gmail account. While I am deeply impressed with the accuracy of Gmail's Junk Mail Filter-age-ed-ness, it would really be nice to know which of the sites for which I use gmail has provided the bait to lure these sharks. It's weird, because a good portion of it is Japanese spam, which I have never seen before. Most of it is ads for dating sites, while the English language stuff tends toward lottery scams and thinly disguised 419/Spanish Prisoner variants. Contrast this with my work account, which is rife with advertisements for Rolex knockoffs and Viagra Professional or Cial!s soft-tabs at best optimum value.


Feb. 26th, 2006 05:12 pm
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From Visa Customer Services
Attention! Several VISA Credit Card bases have been LOST!
Good afternoon, unfortunately some processings have been cracked by hackers, so a new secure code to protect your data has been introduced by Visa. You should check your card balance and in case of suspicious transactions immediately contact your card issuing bank. If you don't see any suspicious transactions, it doesn't mean that the card is not lost and cannot be used. Probably, your card issuers have not updated information yet. That is why we strongly recommend you to visit our website and update your profile, otherwise we cannot guarantee stolen money repayment. Thank you for your attention. Click here and update your profile.
This reminded me of the scene from Matchstick Men when the two conmen, dressed and badged as federal investigators, show up at the house of couple of marks. They've already milked them for a thousand bucks by phone, only to show up, appearing grave and concerned, just to ask for the remaining bank account information so they can empty out the rest of the account "catch the perps." I loved how the spam mail above used the fear of getting ripped off to inspire people into action... which would lead to them getting ripped off.


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