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Dec. 19th, 2016 03:38 pm
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Saw it. Loved it. Yeah, it's the least Star-Warsy Star Wars movie, but it worked. There are SW fanthings out there whose favorite post-Original Trilogy works are the Rogue Squadron novels. I bet this movie works just fine for them.

I honestly didn't see the end coming that way. I assumed it would go down differently because it's a Disney movie, but DAMN that was a satisfying, beautiful way to handle things.

The CGI characters were fine. It was surprising, but well handled overall -- but I agree I would have preferred to keep it slightly less front-and-center. Some people think one character was handled better than another, but I thought they were equally well-done, but imperfect.

K2-SO had me laughing aloud repeatedly, and Donnie Yen's character had me cheering.

Complaints: Forrest Whittaker was misused; there is some backstory there we should have seen, but didn't. He was Frank Booth-ing it up big time, and we have no idea why. Exposition was handled clumsily, without exception. Character names were mishandled; I have no idea what Yen's character was named. Captain Andor's name is two opposed conjunctions. Who the FUCK designed the Empire's server farm? That thing is five flavors of bullshit. I mean, cool, but it was apparently the same guy who designed the Death Star's impractical tractor beam control. Oh, forgot that the shot of Mustafar should have been labled "MORDOR" because, Jesus, could they lift any more from the visuals of LOTR?

ANYWAY: Awesome.
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Saturday, I saw Star Wars, which was prettier than it was good. It was better than Episode 1, maybe better than Ep.2, but most suprisingly it had more laughs in it than anything since Empire. Lots of fun moments and guffaws. But most suprising is the visual language; it was just gorgeous. Dark, but very painterly and lush.

Story-wise, I tried really hard but was unable to get past the damage that Lucas did to the franchise with the prequels. There is just no getting past the bad-ass Jedi being constantly unable to see the Sith Lord RIGHT in front of them. That may be the Siths' ultimate ability, but it's never explained in the movies, which otherwise go out of their way to over-explain anything else.

It's impossible for me to like the Old Republic troopers. They're stormtroopers. They're mass-created clone warriors who are fundamentally wired to betray those Jedi who have been fighting alongside them for the entire war against the secessionists. They're never cast as tragic in this regard; it's just a switch in their head, and as such it's impossible for me to feel like they're deserving of empathy or support.

And lastly, Anakin himself, who was supposed to have been "seduced" by the Dark Side, who was supposed to have had a gradual, one-bad-choice-after-another slide into darkness, but instead basically does a big flip-flop at the most critical juncture in the story, and suddenly becomes the world-destroying analog for Hitler and Satan or whatever, he's the most difficult of all to feel any sympathy for.

He gets a charming, plucky Padawan, Asohka, with major attitude and skills to back it up, and he has to learn how to deal with being a teacher. Handled a little more skillfully, the story might have shown how this was another chance for Anakin to avoid sliding into the Dark Side, and then give a nudge or hint as to why it wasn't ultimately effective in changing his ways, such as the padawan being injured or killed, and that experience would further distance Anakin from emotional attachment or taking others into his care.


Anyway, it was fun. I will probably buy the DVD, which I should have waited for to begin with.
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Via a lower hive of scum and villainy you will never find, Ain't It Cool News: Purportedly the teaser trailer for an upcoming Star Wars animated series. It does not look promising. On the other hand, the charity raffle for an autographed copy of Kevin Rubio's graphic novel sounds like a worthy thing.



I went to college with Kevin; he's the guy who created TROOPS, the Star Wars COPS parody that started the fan-film rush. He's a stand-up guy and very sharp. (thanks, [profile] weezie13 )

Update: FAKE Here's the real one. (thanks, [profile] andrewv!)
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NSFW - "Language, Darth..." (via [ profile] chadu)


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