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I work in Unity; my partner had me purchase Unity Pro so we had parity in working environment; we didn't want ANYTHING to bite us in the ass over version differences; little did we know, Unity is capable of fucking up ANYTHING.

My initial license is $75/month and doesn't cover iOS builds. Soon, Unity allows for iOS builds in non-Pro subscriptions, but with a splashscreen. My clients don't want a splashscreen.

I spend three weeks sorting out with Unity how to make this happen, because (a) the fuckers didn't respond to net inquiries through their site for 10 days, until I called them out on Twitter, and (b) the solution was actually right in front of me in a mail which allowed for a subscription upgrade... but Unity had not included any form of language in the offer about what is actually included. NONE. Not a damned thing.

When support finally confirms that the offer will get me splashscreen-free deployment on iOS, I proceed through payment. Despite Unity having my CC information on-hand for my existing subscription, it requires me to re-enter my CC info. This engages a new in-frame "Verified by Visa" step which requires another re-entering of the same data. After that, it wants me to establish a password for Verfied by Visa, which I do. After that, it drops me back at the Unity store page:


Not only declined, but as I found out today, nearly a week later, it had triggered fraud protection on my CC, so the other charges I've made since then were blocked without notification. I spent nearly an hour on the phone with the bank today clearing all that up.

My CC is again available for use. I re-initiate the process for buying the "new Pro" subscription for Unity, but now the price on the specified site (only accessible through my special offer mail), which is supposed to be $75/mo through 12/31 instead shows $125/mo.

I'm as mad as a cat forced to wear wet pajamas.
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The weather today is pretty great; I mean, it's grey as all get-out, and it's threatening to rain until sundown if the weather reports are to be believed, but right now there's no rain and the breeze is making me pretty happy to be alive and working from home next to an open window and screen door looking out on the deck and yard.

I'm putting in a little time each day into a couple things which are important to me. I'm either working out, learning Japanese, drawing, or training myself up in skills which other people have lately needed from me. The phrasing in that last part is pretty intentional; the database work I'm doing, I'm interested in but not really passionately pursuing.

The customer who wants the DB work done also wants it put on the web, as FileMaker has a web-ready feature which will theoretically allow me to post the Solution (front end + DB) on a web server and it'll "just work." I'm not convinced of that, but I'm hopeful that it won't be horribly painful. In the meantime I'm brushing up slowly on web skills I've let atrophy since 1999, which essentially means re-learning everything except "web sites are just a bunch of files on a server." Apparently the tools are all heaps better now, which is nice.

Crap, spent too much time dallying. I'm going to jump into work, but it's worth noting that the sun is out now, the breeze is still here, and the weather doesn't really get any better than this in ANY season. WOooooo~!


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