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...this is a stupid idea full of poorly considered consequences, but Japan, a nation with a dwindling population and underpopulated rural regions should just start flying Libyan refugees in by the planeload. 
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I'm already sick of Hatoyama's bug-eyed, chinless, Q-tip head. It looks likely that he'll be the new Prime Minister in the coming year (assuming he makes it that long; Japanese PMs have been notoriously short-termed) and on all the news reports he has the smug smile of a guy who has already received the memo that the fix is in, and he's next in line for the position.

The "Manifesto" listing the planned structural changes has been all over the news, but the feasibility of it is as dubious as the changes it suggests are deep and sweeping. It's possible they'll be effective, but by associating the Manifesto specifically with the image of Hatoyama, the project takes on a tone of specific, personality- and ego-driven proportions rather than one devised of good intent for the public well-being. Even if it isn't, even if this is a PR technique to make the policy changes more personal and approachable, within the context of the association, if Hatoyama falls from favor these changes will also be discarded -- and many of the planned changes are of the type which would need a long investment to see real payoff.

So. In short, get off the pamphlets and my TV, Mr. Q-Tip head. Roll up your sleeves and get to it, and save the smiles for after you've actually accomplished something.
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Obama vows to reform monstrous tax code | Reuters:
As a counterpoint to Obama's defense of his policies, protests were held in Washington, Chicago, Boston and other cities. Organizers said the protests were inspired by the 1773 Boston Tea Party rebellion against British colonial taxes, which helped spark the American revolution.

The "tea party" protesters demonstrated against taxes, government bailouts and Obama's budget proposal.

Rallies were planned at state legislatures across the South, the most conservative region of the United States. In Mississippi, around 2,000 people gathered on the steps of the state capitol in Jackson.

"Our biggest thing is to protest the overspending of our government. They are not looking at the people. They are just automatically dipping into our pockets," said Julia Hodges, an organizer of the Tax Day Tea Party in Mississippi.
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Damilola Taylor's father calls for violent game tax // News:
Richard Taylor, father of murdered ten-year-old Damilola Taylor, has said he will advise Gordon Brown to institute a videogames sales tax as part of a wider move against knife crime.

Describing violent videogames as "too cheap", Taylor blames them for negatively influencing children's behaviours and told MPs that taxes on them should be "very high".

"I have young people who I mentor and I see them go up and buy the games and it saddens me that they are being able to have such a negative impact," he the told Home Affairs Committee, according to the Telegraph.

Taylor, whose son was a victim of knife crime and has since been an advisor to the Prime Minister on the topic, also levied criticism at rap music, especially that which comes out of the US.

"It is creating more of a problem because of the language that is used. It is language that, as a father, I would not allow my children to hear," he said in front of MPs.

"To me, there is a lot of negativity that comes out of this music, especially that which is coming from America."
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Ben & Jerry created "Yes Pecan!" ice cream flavor for Obama.

For George W. they created "_________".

- Grape Depression
- Abu Grape
- Cluster Fudge
- Nut'n Accomplished
- Iraqi Road
- Chock 'n Awe
- Wire Tapioca
- Impeach Cobbler
- Guantanmallow
- imPeachmint
- Good Riddance You Lousy Motherfucker... Swirl
- Heck of a Job, Brownie!
- Neocon Politan
- RockyRoad to Fascism
- The Reese's-cession
- Cookie D'oh!
- The Housing Crunch
- Nougalar Proliferation
- Death by Chocolate... and Torture
- Credit Crunch
- Country Pumpkin
- Chunky Monkey in Chief
- George Bush Doesn't Care About Dark Chocolate
- WM Delicious
- Chocolate Chimp
- Bloody Sundae
- Caramel Preemptive Stripe
- I broke the law and am responsible for the  deaths of thousands... with nuts
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Guantanamo judge refuses Obama's request for delay | Reuters:
But the judge, Army Colonel James Pohl, said the law underpinning the tribunals gives the presiding judges sole authority to delay cases. He ruled that postponing proceedings against Abd al Rahim al Nashiri would harm the public interest in a speedy trial.

The White House was consulting with the Pentagon and Justice Department on a response, said spokesman Robert Gibbs.

Nashiri is charged with conspiring with al Qaeda to crash an explosives-laden boat against the side of the USS Cole in the Yemeni port of Aden in 2000. The attack killed 17 U.S. sailors and Nashiri would face execution if convicted. His arraignment is set for February 9.
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goodbye bush - Google Search:
Results 1 - 10 of about 9,120,000 for goodbye bush. (0.18 seconds)
hello obama - Google Search:
Results 1 - 10 of about 15,600,000 for hello obama. (0.14 seconds)
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I was honestly hoping to be graceful in victory, even with as little faith as I'd had that victory was possible, much less assured.

Now that Obama has won, I suddenly find that I want to subject all of the Neocons and all of the republicans who, even though they might not have agreed with Bush and Cheney, have spent the last eight years either smugly confident and supportive of all their crap, or even worse -- silent despite feeling an unease about the course our government has taken -- and subject them to the same behavior.

I remember when the Shrub got up in front of the nation and said something along the lines of, "I'm the President now. I'm the President of America; I'm even the President of those of you who didn't vote for me." That smug, petty, revealing remark about what a power-hungry, selfish President he would become has been ringing in my head for 8 years. Cheney trying to cast the Vice Presidency as some kind of exercise in quantum state logic problem, claiming whatever suits him when he should have been convicted for contempt of court. Rummy. Man, just... Rumsfield. And Rove perhaps more than anyone else: "The Architect." These lying scum had been in charge of the country for too long, and so proud about hijacking our grief over 9/11 and trotting it out whenever we needed to be scared into submission enough to agree to their agenda.

I've grown so sick of it over the last eight years I had no idea how much I've been bottling up. I've been in despair, been angry, and been ashamed over the course of things. And part of me wants to be as graceless in victory as the opposition has been now, for 1/5th of my years on this planet, for a third of my time as a voter. Part of me wants to get all testosterone-poisoned jock on the losing players, and humiliate them. Rub their face in the mess they've made, and put them outside. Begin shouting "America, love it or leave it!" back in their faces. Someone once told me that anger is just another face that fear takes. I'm not sure I agree, but I've been angry for awhile, and afraid that we would not recover, that perhaps the more reasonable among us, those with enough common sense to be conflicted on complex issues, might never have the power in our own hands again. That fear nearly allowed me to become as shrill and intolerant as those that have been in power for the last 8 years.

In the end, people taking the high road are setting enough of an example that I'll try and refrain from teabagging anyone crying into their McCain/Palin commemorative hankies. This article, in particular makes me more hopeful than vengeful: eastside93's Blog | Talking Points Memo | I Didn't Vote For Obama Today
I have a confession to make.

I did not vote for Barack Obama today.

I've openly supported Obama since March. But I didn't vote for him today.
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I have chills all over my arms and back. I am so electrifyingly happy right now; I no longer have to believe that most Americans are idiots, that we fear change, and that we would rather ride a sinking ship than try and swim for safety. My heart is racing.

I honestly feared, after Gore giving up so easily after the first Bush win, that any election could be stolen. With another Bush election in 2004, that Americans were so afraid of change that they'd re-elect the very man that had given them the ill-advised war in which we were entrenched. What would it take to bring change?

Obama is a human being, and he's coming into a very difficult presidency, but I believe that HE believes in what's best in all Americans, and he will help us raise ourselves to become what we are capable of becoming.
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Obama to leave campaign trail to visit ailing grandmother -
(CNN) -- Sen. Barack Obama will take a break from campaigning Thursday so he can visit his ailing grandmother in Hawaii, an Obama spokesman said Monday.
Part of me is waiting for McCain to get nasty and churlish and start talking in a snide voice, "(presidents need to) deal with more than one thing at once." That'd be great. I'd love to see how well it goes over with the voters to make fun of someone for taking time to look after a sick relative.

There's a really childish part of my head which wants to call my incessantly Republican uncle, who is himself a lobbyist for a trucking organization, and say "Dude. Get ready to lose."


Oct. 20th, 2008 07:12 pm
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Note to Next President: Modern-Day WPA Will Save the Economy | Autopia from
Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama have been all but silent when it comes to repairing America's failing infrastructure, and with all that's going on in the world right now, they might be forgiven for it. They shouldn't be. Investing heavily in our infrastructure is just the thing for reinvigorating our tanking economy.

The candidates can talk all they want about shoveling money into alternative fuels, electric cars and high-speed rail, but none of that will mean much if our roads, bridges and rails can't support them. The next president must commit to fixing our infrastructure. Such an investment will create jobs, strengthen our economy and make America more competitive.

"(Congress) should invest in the more than 3,000 ready-to-go highway projects that could be under contract within the next 30 to 90 days," says John Horsley, executive director of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. "Funding these ready to go projects offers Congress a tremendous opportunity to put Americans to work and help cash-strapped states repair and replace our crumbling infrastructure."

History shows us the time to act is now.
I'm bookmarking this for a later read-through, but I've seriously been wondering about the WPA as a solution for the past few weeks as the news about the economy continues to worsen. Looking at the bailout, it is at its core a means of turning private debt into a public burden. There has to be some way to have the government invest in America itself, not just hand money to the banks which has come directly from our taxes. Then again, I'm a closet socialist with strong capitalist leanings.


Oct. 17th, 2008 04:52 pm
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Coilhouse » Blog Archive » Resistance is NOT Futile. Please Register and Vote.:
Cynicism will not protect you from disappointment. It will not shield your loved ones from harm or neglect. It will never heal your community, fix the ailing economy, or return any semblance of dignity to this country.

Your indifference is not a safety blanket; it is a shroud.

Your vote is your voice. Say something.
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Has Japan suffered a diplomatic defeat? : National : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri):
"I was extremely shocked [by the U.S. decision to remove North Korea from the blacklist], as Japan would never agree to such a move," Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa said in Washington on Saturday.

Nakagawa's remark came during talks Saturday with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on the sidelines of a meeting of the Group of Seven finance ministers and central bank heads, who had convened to address the global financial market crisis.

According to Nakagawa's close aides who accompanied him on his U.S. trip, the minister was keen to voice strong unease over the decision on behalf of the Japanese families whose relatives were abducted by North Korea.

Takeo Hiranuma, an independent who previously served as economy, trade and industry minister and currently heads a suprapartisan Diet members league to seek a resolution to the abductions, said to reporters in Honjo, Saitama Prefecture, on Sunday, "[The government] must resolutely pass on its message [to the United States]."
I did NOT GIVE MY PERMISSION to remove North Korea from the list of terrorist nations. I especially did not give permission to take them off that list while they are mobilizing missiles for "testing" because they're pissed off that treaty negotiations aren't going they way they want. Using fear and violence or the fear of violence to make a government acquiesce to demands... ISN'T THAT THE VERY DEFINITION OF TERRORISM?
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Be informed on Election Day )
If I were in the USA, and if I were in one of the states like, say, Florida, I'd take the day off to hang out at one of the more questionable polling spots and inflict some wisdom. However, if I was in the USA, I'd probably be in California, which I'm already certain has enough common sense to cast its lot with Obama.


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